No more Nook in the UK... kinda

nook-simple-touch The Nook e-reader is going to be no more in the UK (insert your own 'no Nookie thanks, we're British' joke here).

Barnes & Nobel, who own the Nook brand, said in a statement: "Effective from March 15, 2016, Nook will no longer sell digital content in the United Kingdom. The Nook Store on Nook devices sold in the UK, on the UK Nook Reading App for Android, and at will cease operation."

Now, that's not to say it'll completely vanish - Nook will be handing over operations to Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand. Remember Sainsbury's version of Netflix? No. Us neither, and we're supposed to remember things like that.

Sainsbury's launched their entertainment portal back in the Christmas of 2014, where you could get films, music, and handily, e-books. If you go over to Sainsbury's Entertainment website, you'll see a welcome note for Nook customers.

They say: "We are just putting the finishing touches to the process to allow us to transfer your eBooks and Nook account to Sainsbury’s Entertainment - Nook will send you an email with more information very soon."

While that might seem like it is neither here nor there, one of the things that is of concern, is that this Sainsbury's deal is going to give Nook customers access to "the vast majority" of their e-books. You'll note that 'the vast majority' isn't the same as 'all'. So, some of your books might vanish as a result.

We'll keep an eye on this, to see how many books will be affected, and what Sainsbury's plan to do about it.

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