No more free Windows 10 upgrade after July

No more free Windows

If you've not upgraded to Windows 10, and are thinking of doing so, then you'll have to get your rear in gear as Microsoft have announced that they're ending the free upgrade.

On Microsoft's blog, Windows vice president Yusuf Mehdi said this will end on 29th July.

If you upgrade after that, it'll cost you upwards of £80 (there's no official UK pricing as yet) to get Windows 10. If you're buying a new device, it'll come installed on the machine as standard.

Now, Windows 10 has been getting some very good reviews, however, Microsoft have been rather irritating with their attempts to get people to sign up, with numerous notifications and prompts.

Some people have complained that they've been upgraded without their permission too.

Either way, if you want to crack on with it, and want Windows 10, hit one of the many notifications you get, or you can do it via Microsoft's website.

It'll cost you if you leave it too long, so grab it while it is free.

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    boohoo, so sad.

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