McDonald's loyalty card anyone?

mcdonalds Grease lovers! Looks like McDonald’s is launching a loyalty scheme. That means, for every artery hardening burger your wolf down, you will be rewarded! For every fry you dip in your McFlurry, you'll get points!

Now, there's very little in the way of solid news on all this, but we know that McDonald's are going to be doing a loyalty scheme. It is rumoured that this deal will involve you getting free fries.

Talking at the UBS Global Consumer Conference (imagine Woodstock, with baby boomers and maybe less drugs) McDonald’s U.S. president said: "We’re working on a customer-designed loyalty program that we think will be as good as there is out there in the marketplace."

You can assume it'll run through the recently launched McDonald’s app, and the rewards will come in food form. Like most reward schemes, it'll reward those who go to McDonald's more frequently, and rewards will be based on what you order.

It looks like you'll have a limited time to use the deals and freebies that you get offered through the Maccies app, which is a clear way to try and get people through their doors more often.

We think this will launch toward the end of 2016, or if testing takes a long time, early 2017.


  • fox f.
    this is not good, athough does perhaps herald sweat on the brow of a mega global corporation who are going down the pan a wee trickle at a time.
  • Germaine G.
    There better not be any peanuts within a 50 metre zone of any Macdonalds or else me & mumsnet will be down on you's lot like a tonne of bricks.
  • Father J.
    Can I get a peanut loyalty card?
  • Spyro
    McDonalds in Manchester used to have one of these something around 10 years ago.
  • Germaine G.
    & that includes the facking disgraceful excuuse foran ice creem!
  • Atilla
    Eat 50 Big Macs and get a free heart bypass on the NHS!

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