Last orders for free Windows 10

Last orders for free Windows 10

Today is Friday 29 July. We're telling you this, because this is the last you can get Windows 10 for free.

Microsoft's operating system has had good reviews, pretty much across the board, and if you want it for nothing, today's the day for it.

If you try and get it tomorrow, or the day after that, it'll cost you. The home version will set you back $120 (which is around £91), while the pro-edition is pricier at $200 (that's around £151).

Of course, Microsoft have been exceedingly irritating with the way they've tried to get everyone upgraded, but if you've been sulking at them when you secretly want it, now's the time to suck it up and download it.

Roughly 300 million devices have upgraded to Windows 10 thus far, and if you're resolute in your wish to not own it, then as of tomorrow, you'll no longer be pestered about it.

Microsoft are aware that some people will have some questions about all this, which means you can head to their FAQ to see what's what.

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