In the shops now! - the best thing in life were free, now 1p

Bitterwallet reader Richard Hopkins writes in this week to say:

"I couldn't be bothered to raise this with management of Tesco Bursledon (Southampton) and it would've been a very petty thing to complain about."

He's right. If there's pettiness to dish out where Tesco special offers are concerned, we're the people to do it.

So here you have Aunt Bessie (who we secretly suspect to be a distant relative of Mom in Futurama) giving away her Yorkshire pudding batters for free. Perhaps Tesco thought nobody would mind if they stuck a penny on. I can haz four whole Yorkshire puds for 1p, which is almost free! A bargain, if not an exact textbook definition of the word:

Please keep sending your abuses of numeracy - we always enjoy receiving them, even if nobody else does. The address as usual is [email protected]


  • Martin
    "I can haz three whole Yorkshire puds for 1p" Since we're talking about the abuse of numeracy and being pedantic, is it not 4 Yorkshire Puddings you're getting for an extra 1p?
  • Pedegg
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ beat me to it by a minute
  • Mike
    Lulz. I enjoy Martins discovery of numeracy abuse. 12 / 3 = 4
  • Paul S.
    Fair point. [wipes egg from face]
  • martin
    33% extra free should be 492g not 490g. So it's a actually a far larger rip-off than meets the eye ;)
  • Steve C.
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