How to get a free Nintendo DS

It’s easy – just write to Nintendo and ask them if you can have one. That’s what an 11 year-old Australian girl did, as part of a school lesson about writing letters to companies.

She explained that her favourite games were all on the DS and not the Nintendo Wii that her parents had bought for her, and before long, a complimentary DS was winging its way to her home courtesy of Nintendo’s Australian chiefs.

It wasn't all good news for the young student - she only got a C for her letter, which is fair enough as it's all over the fucking place.

We won’t be around for the next couple of hours – we’ll be busy pretending to be children and penning heartbreaking missives to various makers of fast cars, strong booze and 3D tellies.

(click on the letter to see it in a larger size)


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  • Daniel Z.
    Maybe someone could send this article to Guy Lawernce eh? It might teach him a thing or two about customer service... ;-)
  • Klingelton
    Dear Richard Branson, Please could you stop wasting time in balloons on skis and fast cars and generally being a twat and make my internets/TV work the way you said it would. Regards Me.
  • David
    What does this have to do with bumming foxes?..
  • Guy F.
    I've got a fox in my back garden and anybody tries to bum it I'll fucking bum them....and the fox.
  • Claire
    This doesn't surprise me at all. Used to work for a large UK music and games retailer in their head office. There were a couple of times where we were efficient in resolving problems - on these occasions some of my fellow colleagues were sent Wii's and DS products! Nintendo are actually very generous.
  • Claire
    p.s - Daniel Z - I think Michael O'Leary could do with a read of this article too!
  • hmm
    That letter looks a little staged to me. The signature is NOT a year 6 girl, its not even the same person who wrote the rest of the letter,
  • Guy L.
    Thanks Dan, I found the article interesting and informative, the handwriting of 11-year olds really needs to be improved.
  • Hershel R.
    I'm going to write a letter to Basil Brush and pretend that I'm an 11 year old that's always wanted to bum a fox but my parents wont let me. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • Wonky H.
    Interesting link...
  • That t.
    Fucks sake, as if the little shit isn't spoilt enough! A fucking Wii for Chrimbo? Come on!
  • Craig D.
    I think this is nice little story. Shame there's no fox bumming...
  • Daniel Z.
    Just noticed, she put yours sincerely instead of faithfully on the end... Kids these days...
  • crap
    WTF IS DIS REAL i think the teacher needs to be sacked, missed out on loads of corrections, e.g. the spelling of "disappointed"
  • James D.
  • CompactDistance
    I liked Nintendo until they stole all my loyalty points with a deceptive chance in their T&Cs.
  • CompactDistance
  • Ted S.
    Dear Bitterwallet, I is 5 years old and has terminal face cancer. Kan I rite for your colums plz? Kthx. TtS
  • Klingelton
    Dear mr Branson, Please could you fix it for me to bum a fox. All my friends have done it and have got syfoxlis. i want syfoxlis as well. Please could you fix it. regards klingelton mental age 5 1/2
  • Mr G.
    Typical Aussie. They get free travel to the other side of the world, courtesy of the British Penal System, and the next thing you know they are scrounging off their next door neighbours in Japan. Never bloody satisfied.
  • anonymous
    Japanese companies look after their customers and employees (the pay understandable is another story), I know because i have worked for a big international Japanese company and keeping existent customers happy is their main goal.
  • Emmanuel T.
    Please i need one Nintendo Ds. The reason why i need it for free is because I don't have money to buy one. I leave in Ghana west legon 6387
  • Judy B.
    I live in SSI would like to have one ,dont have the exta money to buy one
  • brian
    I want a free blue Nintendo ds

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