HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 28th July

28 July 2010

hukd_logob1 Wow – just wait until you see what we’ve got for you today. Proper upscale stuff – a sharp suit, a fancy webcam and some vouchers that you can spend on anything from scissors to hosepipes to Buzz Lightyear crack addiction dolls.

It’s all here for you thanks to HotUKDeals

727953_1We kick off by heading over to Argos, the catalogue shop that no right-thinking town or city can live without. From time to time, Argos like to dazzle their customers by giving them vouchers whenever they spend over and above a certain amount of money.

And now the voucher offer is back – but it’s better than ever before. This time around, spend £50 and you’ll get TWO £5.00 vouchers for your troubles. Spend £100 and you’ll get a flabbergasting TWO £10.00 vouchers. We’re dizzy in anticipation of the retail damage we can do with this one.

727919_1Next, something for those of you who enjoy communicating with friends, loved ones or complete strangers via the computerised internet service – it’s a webcam. To be precise, it’s a Maxell MaxCam and it’s only £3.49 delivered.

But if you’re planning to use it for less than salubrious ‘chatting’, heed the words of an acquaintance of ours who found herself talking online to a man who turned out to be married. “I saw the wife and the frying pan coming before he did.”

728264_1Finally, it could be time to brush up your image and invest in some new threads. Maybe you live in Cumbria, the part of the world where a newly-elected Tory MP said the local citizens like to hold their trousers up with twine.

It’s a full suit, plus shirt, tie and leather shoes for the knock-us-down-with-a-feather price of only £89.10. Once you’re draped from head to toe in this finery, at best you’ll look like James Bond, while at worst you’ll look like Darren from Eastenders.

(deals found by HUKD members salta19, nibrows and dufus124)

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