HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 27th October

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786659_1As any true connoisseur will tell you, there’s baked beans and there’s baked beans. Maybe it’s something to do with the method of baking the beans, maybe it’s something to do with the ingredients in the sauce, maybe it all comes down to whether or not there’s a dead rat in the tin.

Either way, one of the most highly-ratted, erm highly-rated brand of beans is Branston. Now you can fill your boots, baths or just kitchen cupboards with eight tins of the stuff for an unbelievable £2.00.

786436_1Next, we’ve got the return of an old favourite – you buy something at a certain store and if you spend enough you get a lovely voucher in return, so that you’ll come back and buy some more stuff. That way, everyone wins.

The store in question is Argos – if you spend over £50, you’ll get a £10 voucher in return and if you spend more than £100, you’ll get £20 in vouchers towards more purchases. Hurry though, because the offer is only on for a short time.

imagesFinally, something that could keep you amused and amazed for hours, nay days, nay weeks on end. Maybe even months. And it’s yours for only 59p at the moment.

It’s Plants v Zombies for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As highly-rated as Branston baked beans, it’s usually £1.79 but has been reduced for Halloween. Go plants! And zombies!

(deals found by HUKD members goldchip, nicster08 and Stejay)

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  • StauntonLick
    Literally no excuse now not to buy Plants vs. Zombies. Unless you don't own an iPod/iPhone I suppose.

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