HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 8th January

It’s us again. Supping sweet nectar from the fountain of discounted goods that was hand-crafted by the pleasuredome-builders at HotUKDeals.

They just want to make the world a better, cheaper place, so come closer and suckle on their bargain nectar. Suckle hard damn you!

Okay, here we go, with a simple question. Do you want to get your hands on enough materials to draw 2000 pictures and for the whole thing to cost you not a single penny? Of course you do! Read on…

The first part of the deal involves the paper. Asda are said to be stocking boxes of white inkjet paper with four packets of 500 sheets inside. At the shocking price of 2p. We know, it’s a lot of money for what might seem like an impulse buy but go with it – it’ll work out in the end.
(deal found by houseofdeals)

Part two of the deal will help you break even. Our HUKD mole (scott1andrews) reports from Asda in Cape Hill, Birmingham. He says: “Pack of 2 erasable pens, unsure of name/brand as don't have them with me but they were the only erasable pens in store, supposed to cost £5+ scanned tonight through self scan at minus 2 pence. So they basically paid me 2p to take the pens. :-)”

There you go then – 2000 sheets of paper and a couple of pens for… nowt. Take ‘em home and start scribbling. You might just unlock a hidden talent for art. Or you might end up scrunching the whole lot up and setting fire to it. It’s your life you know, we’re not here to judge you.
(deal found by scott1andrews)

But it’s probably just going to be another example of you saying you’re going to start something and then failing to see it through. Just like the Airfix models and the St. John’s Ambulance course you went on. Not to mention the dog dentistry world record attempt – whatever happened to that?

Honestly, you just treat this place like a hotel. Have you made your bed yet? No, I thought not. Look at you - it’s well past noon and you’re still slumming around the place in your pyjamas. Do you think me and your father are going to let you live here rent-free forever? What are you doing? Put down that Richardson Sheffield Entertain Stratus 9-piece knife block that was £80 but cost me a mere £17.36.


Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like... when doves cry.

(deal found by amibees)


  • Mike H.
    My dog dentistry world record attempt went very well thanks, 15 dogs in 10 minutes, 1 cap, 2 root canals and 3 bites, which the St.Johns ambulance course will help with, i'll have to take some time off work and complete that airfix model of a b52 bomber, sniff sniff.
  • andy y.
    The child on the left is worried as Mum has set herself up as hamas target practice
  • Mike H.
    It's OK Andy, she is 'Stealth shaped' so radar won't detect either mum or child, but the Kalashnikov might
  • Pete
    But lets not forget the fucking pathetic 'nanny dictatorship' we live in kids.............knives are sharp........NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Quick get out the amnesty bin ;) "Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately." Such a sad reflection of (not Great) britain :( , go over to france and they dare to have these 'offensive weapons' on open sale lying on a table on market day...................quick call the cops !!!!!!!!!

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