Have the geeks inherited the earth?

Yesterday, via The Presurfer, we pointed you in the direction of an homage to the bulky, cumbersome printers of the years of yesterpast. Today, we’re nicking a link from that site again, but this time it’s to a magnificent visual history of the geeky gadgets that we’ve come to know, love and trust over the decades.

Deep breath now – computers the size of small towns, calculators that might have caught fire if you did a hard sum on them, record players for the car, sodding Pong –  there’s loads there for you to see and touch, like having a real, live museum in your home for a bit. Not sure what quite you’ll get from touching them mind you, but we’re not your maiden aunts, you can do what you want you little rascals.


  • wtf
    Sorry, what now?
  • The B.
    If the geeks had inherited the Earth I'd be earning a lot more money.

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