Gourmet Burger Kitchen is giving away free cheeseburgers!

Fans of free stuff! Meat-lovers! Here's a thing you should know - Gourmet Burger Kitchen are giving away free cheeseburgers, as the promote and celebrate their 15th birthday.

Now, they're not giving them away willy-nilly (we wish they were, mind). They'll be doling out 500 free cheeseburgers each day until March 3rd, which is tomorrow.


Now, the promotion started yesterday (but we didn't hear about it) and the free cheeseburgers went very quickly. They went in 15 minutes in fact, so you'll have to be on the ball if you want to get one.

How do you get a free GBK cheeseburger?

Basically, you have to download the GBK app, where you'll get a customer ID number. Then, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye out for a link which is posted at 11am (that's the same today and tomorrow). Enter your ID and hope for the best.

You don't even have to eat your burger today - you can claim it any time in the next fortnight. Or, you can save yourself the bother and just buy a burger anywhere you like. They're not paying us, so why should we care? Anyway, free stuff! If you want it, you know what to do.

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