Ginger? Free entry to a zoo for you!

Ginger? Free entry to a zoo

Are you a ginger person? We're sure you've been playfully/cruelly mocked ever since you developed hearing.

Well, good news for you, because on August 19th, you can get into Twycross Zoo free of charge!

However, it's a bit of a backhanded compliment, as they're letting you in free of charge for a whole month (that's August 19th until September 17th) to celebrate World Orangutan Day.

Basically, they're saying "Hey! You're welcome to enjoy our zoo for free because we think you look like a massive simian."

Either way, free stuff is always good, if you can get to Warwickshire easily enough, where you'll be able to wave at their orangutans, Batu, Kibriah, Maliku and Molly.

To get in for free, you've presumably just got to show your hair to someone. Remarkably, there'll be staff on-hand with a red-head colour chart, to make sure you're sufficiently ginger.

If you want to learn more about all this, or indeed, Twycross Zoo, click here where there's all the information you could possibly need.

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