Get stuff that's already free from Best Buy - because it's free!

worst_buy-thumb-350x389-35315 It’s almost 2010, the year when Best Buy will launch in the UK, hoping to break the retail stranglehold of DSGi’s Currys, PC World and Dixons (the LAST place you want to go)

They’ll be a breath of fresh air, right? There’ll be none of that DSGi bullshit of trying to flog customers overpriced HDMI cables and antivirus software that they don’t particularly need, right?

It’s doubtful.  Over in the US, Best Buy are currently parping on about how customers can get the TweetDeck iPhone app absolutely free when they purchase one of a select range of $9.99 CDs.

Wow! TweetDeck! Free of charge! Would that be the same TweetDeck that you can download for free from the TweetDeck home page? It is! Wow! Fucking hell!



  • charitynjw
    So it's a FOGOF then
  • Mark M.
    best buy - page not found. but it is a custom build of tweetdeck for iPhone...
  • bob
    People don't need antivirus? Clap fucking clap, Bitteridiots strike again.
  • Paul
    @Bob I expect the point is that people don't need antivirus from PC world, there much better alternatives.
    • Andy D.
      Yes Paul, that is the point I was trying to make.
  • Sideysid
    @Bob When there is plenty of free antivirus that do a better job (Avast, AVG) I'd agree with the statement that no one 'needs' the bloatware Norton pap that PC World peddles and gets huge commision with.
  • Paul S.
    Mark M - the customisation consists of the app automatically following a handful of the record label's artists on Twitter. That's it. Which is a little like PC World promoting a "custom" television by offering to tune it in.
  • Bob i.
    Bob - what a tit.
  • Tim U.
    Have fun with Best Buy, folks. The bait-and-switch artists finally convinced me to go to Newegg for all my electronics. You'll love their "doorbuster" deals -- the ones where they only receive three or four of a specially priced product. Worthless company.
  • Jase
    I thought the whole anti-virus thing was self implied that it was Norton he was on about...afterall, PCWorld don't force any other anti-virus down your neck. And back to the story, BestBuy = idiots, BestBuy customers = bigger idiots
  • Ken D.
    Nobody needs antivirus. Stupid people who click every link they find definitely benefit from it though. (also, why are such innocuous comments being censored?)
  • Getting h.
    This blatant witch hunt of DSGi is getting boring now chaps, change the record.
  • Cock O.
    This is an article about best buy, not dsgi. now cock-off
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Pcworld get Nortons free of charge, so could charge £2 and still make a profit instead of whatever they currently charge! Don't forget to ask for the 2 months "Free" product insurance when you sign up to it on direct debit and buy norton & office... what a great deal! Then you will be overcharged every following month for insurance you dont need... it's a great deal! Also remember to buy the overpriced accessories & extra product insurance or you will prbably find they are "OUT OF STOCK" of that reasonabily priced laptop you were looking at!
  • antivirusbod
    @ Jase: I don't live near a PC World, so it might be different, but my local Currys sells Norton (obv), Mcafee, Kaspersky and AVG. Nothing is forced on you, although Norton does have the largest presence and the best (only) deal - half price when you buy it with a 'puter. That said, Kaspersky is still cheaper for a similar product. Oh, and why shouldn't Norton be the most obvious choice? It's the market leader, so a retailer would want to make a big thing of a popular product. FWIW, Norton products are 3 out of 5 of the top selling internet security products on Amazon.
  • smudger
    Andy Dawson, you need to go find a girl, all you ever talk about is DSGI and its Currys/PC World business. As one of the earlier posts states, Its getting boring. as you must be, Arse
  • meek
    lol bitterwallet are the idiots now. norton is not just a antivirus. its a protector / preventor of spyware and secure web use. you dont like norton because it makes your computer run slow.. then show ur intelliagence and realise when it says it needs 256mb of ram. thats what norton requires dedicated to run smoothly, add on the software requirements of window, along with whatever programs you run and you will realise the 256mb celeteron based notebook u bought as its a deal does not cut the mustard. norton and mcafee are the only two products with true realtime scanning fascilities... AVG doesnt realtime scan, it just checks links as you browse. Kasperski again does not realtime scan ur computer, so neither of them are preventors of viruses. saying you dont need antivirus as your intelliagent enough to know what to do and not do, and intelliagent enough to fix the program when it gets infected. is just like saying you will never use a condom as you will get the kid adopted or aborted or visit a sex clinic after the fact... have fun thinking your intelliagent. if you dont like norton atleast use mcafee.. if you dont like the fact it makes ur pc slower then upgrade ur type writer for something thats able to handle more then a webpage.
  • meek
    i own an independant shop and i do not sel norton.. do you know why. if i did then customers would never have a virus on their computer to then pay me to remove it, i make more money from customers that have a virus, even with the likes of AVG kasperski on them. then i do if i sold a single copy of norton each year to that person. my laptop installed norton 360 (yea the big-gun version) in less then a minute from inserting the cd to seeing the green activated tick. i browse the internet and pages load instantly.. why, because norton is a big program, but for a good reason. it does alot more then the free-bie software does. so i got a computer that can handle big programs. even better i have the intelliagence to get one with enough ram to cope with gaming at same time as norton. you lot compain that pcworld, comet dont sell the aldi and lidl special offer 256mb celeron pc at £200 instead they sell computers for £360 and upwards.. do you know why. proper electronic retailers dont sell glorified typewriters. if you wanna moan about something atleast know the facts. ur typewriter you buy for £200 are cheaper then rip off pcworld. but its only cheaper because low spec.

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