Freerunner - giving away completely free WiFi

freerunner_backgroundA few months ago, we were happy to report on the launch of a company, Freerunner, whose aim is to supply WiFi to  “underserved and digitally remote” areas of the UK with the installation of free-to-use access points in public and commercial venues. The revenue comes from the fact that the venue pays, at a cost that Freerunner says is significantly less than rivals.

Better news is that, a few months on, they haven’t gone tits up and are still going strong. They’ve just announced a giveaway of 50 completely and utterly free hotspots to lucky communities across the country. Freerunner say that winning community representatives can decide to put the hotspot anywhere they like – “be it the local library, youth centre or pub.” We say 'pub please' but if you disagree, get to their website and fire off your 150-word pitch for free WiFi.

If that’s not enough, they’re also working in conjunction with, the online charity fundraiser and are planning to give 500 UK charity locations free, delicious WiFi. We like Freerunner. They’re good folks.


  • F.D. A.
    I say put in on buses.
  • My P.
    fuck that, then i'd have to chase busses around in my car for free wifi
  • goon
    who the fuck takes a laptop to a pub only some iphone tosser with his macbook with any luck he will get twatted and die
  • Mookie
    Well that's a good sign, their site is completely down...
  • me
    hahaha that made me laff!

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