Freebie Klaxon! The magic bus stops that are handing out exceedingly good cakes

We’ve recently had bus stops that reek of baked potatoes courtesy of McCain, but good old Mr Kipling has gone one better and is actually handing out ACTUAL CAKES at selected bus stops (one in That London now and some others around the land from Monday).


The bus stops will be doling out as many as 500 individually-wrapped cakes per day if you press a special button on the ad display but if you have some kind of perverted aversion to cakes, you can press another button and get a waft of cake smell instead. We’re not sure why you would want to do that though.

If you don’t get near a cake-dispensing bus stop over the coming week or so, Mr Kipling will also be behind the wheel of what he’s calling a ‘cakemobile’, which had better bloody well be a bus made entirely of Victoria sponge or we’re going to kick right off.



  • Milky
    fucking London, gets everything, I wan, nay demand THE rest of the country has it's share of free (but shit) cakes too!
  • Boris
    In London I am King - "Let them eat cake" I say.
  • kv
    cue someone taking all 500 out of one
  • Julie 4.
    mmm... cake.... kv is right though. I'd think you'd need someone there to monitor... or surely someone will take more than their fair share!
  • zeddy
    Cue the "Special Bus" people waiting for a cake.
  • Homeless J.
    I can eat tonight!
  • Mike H.
    Direct marketing at it's finest. Aim the product at the greedy fuckers that can't drive!

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