Free Windows 10 ends July 29

Free Windows 10 ends July 29

If you've been stalling over the Windows 10 upgrade, then you need to make your mind up.

The Windows 10 free upgrade ends July 29th, so the deadline is imminent.

Of course, if you're willing that date to come sooner, because you don't want the upgrade and are tired of the notifications, there are ways to opt-out and stop it all.

You can see our guide on how to stop Windows 10 notifications and upgrades here.

If you want to find out more before updating, then you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft have FAQ and advice pages about Windows 10.

For the majority of users, installing Windows 10 will be easy to do, and won't lose any of your old files or anything like that. The reviews have been largely positive, and we've used it and think it is the best system Windows have issued in a very long time.

If you think you might have some issues, then Microsoft have an page dedicated to upgrade issues, which you may want to check in advance.

If you download it, and don't like it, you've got 31 days after upgrading to send your computer back to the way it was before you installed.

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