Free Wii! Wii Internet Channel that is.

2 September 2009

Here’s some good news if you’ve got a Nintendo Wii and have so far been put off from using its Internet Channel because of the cost of installation (which is ‘500 Wii points’ – about £3 in the old money). Your penny-pinching campaign has paid off and Wii Internet Channel is now available to you free, gratis, and for nowt.

A whole world of awkward browsing on your TV screen via the Wii is now available to you along with ‘cool’ ‘stuff’ such as the BBC’s iPlayer and the new site they’re all talking about, YouTube. As we say, all on your telly, with a picture quality that’s just poor enough to be nearly infuriating. What an enormous boon – and let’s face it, we’re always on the look-out for enormous boons.

For those of you who have already traded in your futuristic Wii points, Nintendo didn’t say: “We’re glad to have fleeced you weak-kneed suckers in what we are happy to call one of the greatest scams of these or any other times.” No, they’ve announced that from the end of October, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a NES game from the Virtual Console, all free, gratis and etc etc etc…

The slightly flippant tone that you might detect in this piece is in no way influenced by the fact that its author has so far been unable to get his Wii to detect his new frigging router and is utterly unable to share in the delights of the Wii Internet Channel. 500 precious Wii points wii’d right down the sodding plughole it seems…



  • Mewling P.
    Congratulations to bitterwallet for making this happen.
  • -Mike H.
    Cool, more things to waste you sad little lives away with, and now you don't need to spend your pocket money doing it! At least it keeps you sad little shits inside in your darkened recluse.
  • Simeon
    48" lcd -- wii on the HD settings and this works just fine for me!
  • Hmm...
    Boon wasn't that big by the third series.
  • bykergrove
    Hmm... your comment made me wii a little...
  • The B.
    I bought it ages ago so I could watch iPlayer, I can't see any other reason for needing it. Incidentally, I downloaded the PS3 v3 update yesterday and I now have an iPlayer link under my Play TV setting which is nice.
  • Iggy P.
    BOON, fucking classic show. I remember when i was younger i just couldnt for boon to start so i could hear the theme tune, probably the best TV theme ever. Never watched an episode though, was probably shit.
  • Iggy P.
    couldnt wait
  • -Mike H.
    I watch plenty of wee internet channels... oh, wii, right sorry.
  • My P.
    well I for one didnt know this so thanks for the heads up :o)

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