Free Wi-Fi all week, thanks to Skype

7 November 2010

Bitterwallet Skype iPhone app banned Starting tomorrow, it’s Internet Week Europe – and there’s free Wi-Fi to be had for the WHOLE WEEK, courtesy of Skype.

If you’ve got Skype (which itself is free to download), you’ll be able to use its Skype Access feature in order to leech Wi-Fi from public hotspots as provided by the likes of Boingo, BT Openzone, The Cloud and Spectrum Interactive. Normally, Skype users are able to use these networks, but have to pay in order to do it.

The promotion starts tomorrow and runs through until Friday 12th November. Afterwards, life will never be as good again. Trust us.

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  • Fullmoon
    Sorry I don't understand. If I use Skype on iPhone, will I be able to connect hotspots?
  • Andy D.
    Skype on iPhone doesn't seem to have the Skype Access feature so it looks like a no for that. If you've got the Skype program on your PC or laptop, Skype Access should be available in your 'File' drop-down. Once it launches, it'll scour for available networks.
  • Mark
    Anyone any idea if this will work on Virgin trains? Its a T-MObile Hotspot... I SOOOOO resent paying £5 for 1 hour or £10 for 24 hours. I honestly believ, if they charged £1 or £2 for 2 hours (covering Man-Lon Journey time) more than 4 times the usual amount of customer would buy it. I know I would....
  • san p.
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