Free wi-fi 500 branches of Starbucks, or just 4?

Six weeks ago, through our various connections amongst the seedy filth of the tech underworld, Bitterwallet broke the news that Starbucks was launching free wi-fi for customers. It's taken the corporate coffee moguls since then to learn how to type, and so only today the official press release was officially released to the press. O frabjous day! Customers have to register a Starbucks Card to access the wi-fi; the cards are free – all you have to do is credit them with a minimum amount of £5 to spend on your cawfee, then register the card online. In line with outlets in the US and Canada, cardholders get up to two hours of free access per day.

So where can you flex your wi-fitacular muscle? According to the Starbucks website, you have the choice of just four locations - two in London, one in Dublin and of course, Ipswich. Oh. It seems nobody bothered to check the website on the day of the big announcement - they're were probably too busy with the typing lessons. A quick call to Starbucks and we're told their website is currently "broken... well, they're taking a look at it - it's not right, is it?" In fact you can enjoy free wi-fi in over 500 branches - another great reason to chug down that sweet, sweet corporate coffee.


  • welshdan
    Good times! Additionally, you also get any free extras with a starbucks card (which not many peeps know, that I've told!). Free extra shots, syrups, whipped cream, etc. If you buy a bag of coffee beans from there range you also get a free coffee with it. You save quite a bit on each order ;)
  • NellieIrrelevant
    "the choice of just four locations in the entire country – two in London, one in Dublin and of course, Ipswich." That's three locations in this country, then, and one in Ireland. You know, that country where they don't speak Manadrin.
  • cooki2222
    works in all the stores in ireland ive been in

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