Free Starbucks coffee tomorrow morning

13 March 2012

You can’t beat a bit of free stuff, and if you’re a caffeine freak, the news that you could cop for some free coffee tomorrow morning is sure to make you even more skittish and jittery than you already are.

Yes, that’s what’s on offer at branches of Starbucks all across the land tomorrow morning (14th) before noon – a FREE tall latte. It’s all part of the coffee chain’s new scheme where (we think) they ask you your name when you order so that there’s less confusion when you pick up your drink at the end of the counter.

Here's the ad they've bunged out to inform us all about the new, soon-to-be-annoying name-asking policy. OBVIOUSLY there’d be much fun to be had from giving them a false name if that’s the kind of thing that you’re into. Yours sincerely, Yelnick McWawa.

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  • Dogturd A.
    They are very welcome to shout my name out in the middle of the shop. The fella with tourettes is normally following me around the supermarket so it will make a nice change for him to have someone else swearing. On a side note, I would like to say that tourettes should not be seen as a hinderance. My local Chinese restaurant used to have a brilliant waiter who was afflicted with tourettes. His repeating of our order was often a highlight of the meal, as we would run a book on how many expletives he could squeeze in.
  • Marky M.
    A latte? Doesn't that have even less actual coffee in it than usual, even for Starbucks? I'll stick to Caffe Nero thanks.
  • Jack T.
    This could be fun. I often go there with my friends Mike Okherts. Jack Mehoff
  • Bazinga
    Mike Oxlong likes to order coffee.
  • Mike H.
    Starbucks coffee, isn't coffee. It's the waste of Amazonian tribes tobacco chew.
  • milo
    a latte is still made with coffe... its just topped up with milk not water... great offer from starbucks, worth making a detour for.. thanks for the heads up
  • Hugh J.
    I like my coffee like I like my men. In my mouth.
  • shoplifter
    Free you say...hmm.I`ll call a halt to my five-finger discount whilst I`ll pop in
  • Caramell M.
    Me mum luv tofie and give me my names. Gonna go in tomoz and hav a laff. LOL!
  • Mr S.
    Peter Pubes! Peter Pubes!
  • DragonChris
    Thanks BW for the post - I got my freebie this morning :D The rest of you can stick to your real coffee - I'm not a real coffee drinker :)
  • IceFreak2000
    The most mature thing we've done all year; five of us turned up at Starbucks to claim our free coffee; our names? Brian...

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