Free public transport and coffee in October

Free public transport and coffee in October

If you read that headline and thought "FREE TUBE TRAVEL THROUGHOUT OCTOBER?! WOWEE!", then you've not been paying attention to how unyielding this world can be.

However, free stuff is free stuff, and some of you will be able to travel on the London Underground for free, as well as get a free coffee... but only on Mondays.

This is a promotion that requires you to have a Mastercard, where they'll refund your journeys or money spent on drinks at Caffe Nero.

You'll also have to use Android Pay as well, and the more we talk, the more and more it feels like this whole thing applies to about six people who can be bothered to do this.

Basically, Mastercard want to get more people using their app, and the free travel extends to buses, trams, the DLR, Tfl Rail, London Overground, Emirates Air Line cable car, MBNA Thames Clippers River Bus Services and most National Rail services in London.

If you live outside of London, rest assured, Mastercard couldn't care less about you and your travel needs.

They do care about your hot drinks requirements though, and if you're looking for a free brew, then the Caffe Nero offer is for everyone in the UK, apart from Northern Ireland.

Mastercard really don't like Northern Ireland it seems.

Mark Barnett, president of MasterCard UK & Ireland said: "Our "fare free" days across London's transport network have been a big hit with our cardholders, but we wanted to go one step further."

"By also offering a free coffee at Caffè Nero, we hope that the Monday morning commute becomes a little more enjoyable in more ways than one."

Do you qualify for free Tube travel? Click here to find out.

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