Free ice lollies with Uber today

Free ice lollies with Uber today

Like ice lollies? Well, if you have the UberEats app, you can have some for free today.

They've dubbed it the #UberIceCream day, in the hope that it'll get some traction on social media, even though an ice lolly is not ice cream at all, but there you go.

Today, Friday August 12th, between 11am and 7pm, Uber will deliver free ice lollies to 17 places across the UK.

Even if you download the app just to get a freebie, that's perfectly eligible. Download the Uber app, or UberEATS app, set up an account, pop in your location, request 'ICE CREAM', and whoosh, you're away!

To get your gob around a free ice lolly, you'll have to be in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, Merseyside, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Leicester, Belfast, Cardiff, Southampton, or Windsor.

Of course, supplies are limited on this, so don't mess around - get in their quick and decide whether you want it or not after you've bagsied one.

That's the thing we free stuff - even if you don't want it, someone else you know will.

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