Free event for Disney Cruise Ship in Liverpool!

Free event for Disney Cruise Ship

If you and your family are massive Disney fans (or at least, your kids are and you like doing things for them, even if you'll loathe it), there's some good news for you.

Disney Magic, the cruise ship, is going to be visiting Liverpool, and with its arrival, is a big free event for all the family.

The (almost) 1000ft long luxury liner is going to visit Liverpool this Friday, and nothing will happen.

However, it'll return on Sunday June 12th, where there'll be a full day of celebrations. That includes an outdoor cinema which will, of course, be playing Disney films at Pier Head.

The outdoor cinema will play Frozen, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Mary Poppins in full.

On Sunday June 12th, the ship will arrive at 8am, events will start at midday, and they'll finish by 6pm.

There'll also be live music from a bandstand in front of the Cunard Building, where the Royal Marines Bands, opera singer Danielle Thomas, and the Ukulele Orchestra will play Disney songs.

Around 10.15pm, in true Disney style, there'll be a firework display as the cruise ship leaves for Dublin.

Sounds like a decent day out, and free too. For more information, visit here.

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