Free coffee at Starbucks today!

starbucks-logo If you’ve got a love of caffeine, are in the vicinity of a branch of Starbucks and have your own travel mug, you could bag yourself some free coffee today.

Avid Rabid HotUKDeals member enforcer emmajk42 has spotted that, as part of the Earth Day celebrations, Starbucks are giving away a hot or iced espresso for TODAY ONLY to customers who visit their stores with their own reusable travel mug.

The blurb explains that: “Encouraging customers to use reusable travel mugs will positively impact the planet and will help us reach our Starbucks Shared Planet goal that by 2015, 100% of our cups will be reusable or recyclable.”

If you don’t have a travel mug, Starbucks sell them instore and you’ll get a 25p tumbler discount every time you use it.

We approached Starbucks recently with an idea for a one-off promotional event but they still haven't got back to us. Starbukkake it was called...

EDIT: If you're in Starbucks, or anywhere else, and you see someone choking on their coffee, or a biscuit, or anything ever, why not send off for this FREE St John's Ambulance survival guide. It's FREE. (Thanks CNCH)


  • kev
    this is just starbucks trying to look all eco-friendly, but really just using it as an excuse to flog their flasks at extortionate prices
  • Brian's U.
    i have a 1 liter thermos flask, does that count?
  • Q
    My sister's friend took in a 2-litre flask. After a little persuasion he got served!
  • Nobby
    If you've got a flask, why not put a spoonful of coffee in and add hot water. It will save you money in the long run. You can still go into Starbucks and piss on the toilet floor.
  • -]
    Even starbucks' boiled piss is better than a spoonful of instant coffee.

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