EE to offer Apple Music for free

EE to offer Apple Music for free

If you've been eyeing up your friends enviously, who have been getting all those new releases exclusively on Apple Music, there's some good news.

EE are going to give six months of free streaming with Apple Music.

This is available to new customers, of course. If you're an existing customer, you can get it when you upgrade your phone.

This offer is available to anyone with an iPhone, and it is also available to those of you with an Android device. You'll have to be on a contract though, rather than PAYG.

You'll be hearing all about the deal in a series of new adverts, which bafflingly still feature Kevin Bacon. In this new advertising campaign for the Apple Music offer, you'll also see Britney Spears.

EE are also offering another deal, where you can get BT Sport for free, for six months.

Now, what happens after that six months runs out? You'll have to keep your eye on that, as we can't see whether it'll automatically renew your contract with Apple Music and start charging you, or not.

Walk into this one with your eyes open.

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