Eat for less with our half-inched voucher round-up

4 March 2009

As some of you are so keen to repeatedly point out, Bitterwallet is a wretched sham of a blog, nakedly copying stories from other sources before pasting them here unchanged, giving you all plenty to moan about.

So, here we go again. Here’s a link to a lovely part of The Times website which rounds up ten of the best current deals to be snaffled up in the world of eating out, along with tidy links to vouchers you can use as you bid to get more roasted swan ears for your ailing pound.

The restaurants featured in the top ten are Ask, Strada, La Tasca, Pizza Express, Zizzi, All Bar One, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Café Rouge, Ha! Ha! and The Real Greek. If you’d like to invite any of us along as a thank you, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Bon appetit.


  • The B.
    Which reminds me, I've still got al load of those "eat out for a tenner" Time vouchers at home.
  • acecatcher3
    "Bitterwallet is a wretched sham of a blog, nakedly copying stories from other sources before pasting them here unchanged" ur best bit of writing in a long time andy well done. Also congrats for making an "article (i use that term extremely loosely) without swearing. ill b back tomorrow at work and i hope theres a new "feral trolley of the week" picture, really makes my day.
  • barneydog
    Or just go on MSE
  • imranmaz
    aceeeee multi dude and come back!!!!!
  • acecatcher3
    lol cant imran, hopefully mods will let me bk, :S
  • acecatcher1
    maybe you should start going out having a life ace, all that posting on HUKD isnt good for you. 9 million posts you had last time i saw??
  • andy l.
    wow what a lonely life ace, sad.
  • -=Mike H.
    Thought I'd add the missing FUCK*ING swearing.
  • acecatcher666
    ************ BRING BACK ACE ************ Bollocks, mike you beat me to it, soapy tit wank :)
  • acecatcher3
    lol yes 9 million posts, 7 million at work looooooooooool got a life thanks tho rofl e-warrior ftw i guess??
  • dave
    i have to laugh at people who think post counts on a site have anything to do with the quality of life the person leads.Bring ace back, was a good lad on the site, helped me out a few times aswell. EDIT: This comment was posted from acecatcher3's IP address - Andy
  • e-warrior
    lololololololololololololol. now that is not having a life.

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