E-cig makes calls and plays music

e-cigarette Remember in the olden days when people smoked cigarettes made out of leaves and paper? Now, of course, everyone - including children - smoke robot cigarettes made from wires and glass tubes.

Even those look a bit old fashioned now as someone has come up with an e-cig that does everything but wipe your hole.

A company called Supersmoker have made an e-cigarette which is also a Bluetooth headset AND something that can stream MP3s from a smartphone. Presumably you can set it up so it plays 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes while you're having a toot at a bus stop.

The company excitedly shriek: "World first! In 2007, we introduced the first electronic cigarette in the world; 7 years later, we are changing the world of electronic smoking for good with the first Supersmoker that can be used to make calls and receive via Bluetooth and play music via the built-in microphone!"

It'll cost you 80 Euro, which is around £65, to have a pretend cigarette that can sing to you. If you're at all interested, visit supersmokerbluetooth.


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    You still look like a straw sucking twat however.

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