Deal Klaxon: £200 free for switching your bank account

17 October 2011

Bank 1 If you’re looking to stomp off in a huff from your current bank, then a deal has appeared on ‘the scene’ that might just tempt you.

Presently gaining muchos heatos over at HotUKDeals, it’s an offer of £200 from the Co-op Bank for new customers who switch to them. Yep, that’s a couple of hundred quid for you, simply for filling in a form. Plus, the Co-op are supposedly an 'ethical' bank, so your money probably won't be spent on landmines and baby poison.

It’s a limited offer and could be withdrawn at any moment so it won’t pay you to think about it for too long. Also, you’ll need to pay £800 per month into the new account for three months in order to qualify for it, but apart from that, it’s pretty much free dough for you. GO!

[thanks to HotUKDeals member h4usic]

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  • Richard M.
    Don't hesitate! The Co-Op bank is excellent for both its online banking (I have a current account with the Co-Op's Smile bank) as well as its mortgage service. The great thing with the Co-Op is that they have call centres in the UK and you can speak to someone with a Mancunian accent which is really quite nice!
  • Sawyer
    I've been a Smile customer for years and have found them passable. Nice enough company to deal with, but their online banking is looking dated and has been a nightmare to use since they introduced those bloody card readers that you need to have for setting up transactions. I lost mine in a house move and couldn't pay the rent for two months. Good deal though.

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