Deal Attack! FREE Madonna tickets!

30841a The middle-aged queen of disco pop, Madonna, is playing at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday.

What's more, the weather forecast says it's only going to rain a little bit.

Fancy going along for free? This link is what you need. Get ‘em while you can…

EDIT: If you were lucky enough to get some of these, it has been confirmed that they ARE valid. Also, a comment that was left under this story yesterday about a Bitterwallet competition was fake.


  • Alison
  • Kastie
    it works
  • Eh?
    Says competition winner tickets, am I going to be refused entry because I didn't win a competition?!
  • Goaty
    Haha, it worked. Not sure what the chances of getting in are though.
  • gr
    Anyone know what competition this was?
  • Ian P.
    I have to take an under 14 year old with me?
  • Late
    She wants as many people as possible to bring little kids. It's like a shopping trip for her.
  • ME
    Is this for real? just got them in ma email... I dont wanna look like a fool when I get there and I cannot get in!!! Excellent if they are free!!!
  • Andy D.
    14-year olds have to be accompanied by an adult. You don't HAVE to take a 14-year-old.
  • Paul G.
    What about 9 year olds?
  • A P.
    FREE MADONNA TICKETS????? But what if you don’t live near Murrayfield? You’d have to pay for a bus/car/train to get there, which leaves most people with a rather limited choice of things to do – especially if their children aren’t up to walking miles and miles every day…
  • Madonna
    Bring as many as you can spare. I'll give you £10k for each.
  • ME
    can anyone clarify and confirm if this is real????
  • Ian
    None left now
  • jp
    can anyone confirm its real and also what seats they have got.. know its a con if everyone has same seat allocation
  • June S.
    Yes PLS
  • DJ
    i got 2. two colleagues at work got them in different seats. all in same section.
  • A
    My friend and I got 2 each in totally different sections and we logged into our ticketmaster accounts so I doubt it is a con
  • Sean P.
    It'd be interesting to know what the competition was? Will the tickets be honoured?
  • ME
    I dont know, ive got the tickets in my ticketmaster account and by email. I think I just need to print them. I tried to get a couple more and it says no more available. Mines are in Section West 6. It looks real!!! haha!!!
  • ado
    doesn't work
  • Sicknote
    Nah - some granny strumpeting about with her spaniels ears flapping - not for me
  • gregd
    Anyone has a spare ticket or two? I stay in Edinburgh and would love to go ... let me know gregd72002 -at-
  • muir
    doesnt work for me :( keeps saying ticket selection unavailable whaaaaaaaat
  • dvdj10
    Obviously no-one wanted to see a wrinkly old hag flash her flaps on stage hence the reason they had to give tickets away.
  • Yorkie
    I apparently got 2 tickets in Section 6 West, Row UU. Has anyone else tried selling their tickets on ? When I try to verify the barcodes from the tickets it says: "Unable to verify one (or more) of your barcodes, please check your barcodes and try again." "No matching section found while verfying the barcode."
  • homie
    because the face value of the ticket is 0.00 they are not stupid enough to put a barcode on of 130 everyone will do the same cmon think about it, thats all i ask, use your brain are u stupid?
  • Ant9583
    Anyone got a ticket spare?!? I'd love to go!! I think all free allocations have gone now.
  • Me
    Just to clarify. I am the "Me" who always post "cunts"!
  • me
    just to let you all know i spoke to ticket master about this and they said it was valid. They questioned where I found the link to this and I didn't say. Then they told me they had checked and the tickets are valid and to have a great time. Looks like a leaked competition link to me. I got 6 tickets out of it all in different names. Night out for me and my friends. can't wait! 2 sets in west stand and one in east stand. Not any of the seats the same numbers. It's real guys, see you there!
  • Yorkie
    @homie I'm not sure what you're point is. Their system is able to accept tickets with a £0.00 face value, you just have to mention it in the notes area. cmon think about it, thats all i ask, use your brain are u stupid?
  • Stacie E.
    Anyone fancy give me and tinkerbell a ticket each....
  • Tig K.
    I'd really love to go if anyone has any spares, contact me on ticket.tout -at- Illbuyanyspareticketsgetcherticketsere -dot- com
  • Chris T.
    Darn...... i missed it :(
  • Dave
    Massive Madonna fan but too skint to see this tour. Why do I always miss out when something like this happens. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  • homie
    @yorkie i dont like you at all use your brain are you stupid
  • scott
    Me and some colleagues just did it about an hour ago (10am 19/07/2012) and we all have 2 tickets each so it still works!
  • Donna k.
    Enter me in the draw for madonna tickets please. Thanks x
  • gavin p.
    please can you enter me in the draw for the Madonna tickets please many thanks.
  • gavin p.
    andy dawson dont be a douche

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