Bitterwallet's Trolley Dash - Wednesday 26th May

Bitterwallet - trolley dashYesterday's inaugural Trolley Dash was a runaway success, with dozens of avid Bitterwallet readers clamouring for more in the comments. So back by popular demand, here's another round-up of odd and sods and other stuff for your Wednesday lunchtime:

Ryanair to open new base in Barcelona
The key word in the headline is in; after years of fobbing off passengers with airports in Barcelona (Girona) and Barcelona (Reus) - both 90 minutes away by car from Barcleona itself - Ryanair is going to launch services to Barcelona El Prat from September. That's the good news. The bad news is there's only one UK airport that'll enjoy the new route - Edinburgh. Balls.

Eat out? Only if I can find a discount voucher commission poll to discover whether people like using voucher codes and saving money. Poll discovers people like using voucher codes and saving money. send poll to The Telegraph. The Telegraph publishes it almost word-for-word. The end.

Why hire a hire car, when you can hire a complete stranger's car instead? What do you mean, you've already got a car? Then why not let a complete stranger hire it and make money? Yes! No? Oh. Suit yourself.

Microsoft has no plans to up mobile phone development capabilities
Crazy man Steve Ballmer tells folks in Singapore that Microsoft are more interested in tablet PCs rather than intensive mobile strategies. You won't find too many people breaking their hearts over that announcement.

Asda loses market share while Waitrose gains
Wal-Mart might dominate the American supermarket... er... market, but they're having a tough time cracking Blighty.


  • Ian
    MVC must have been pretty disappointed that the only link they got out of their Telegraph syndication was a link in the Adsense box at the end of the article haha.
  • mike m.
    "clamouring for more" ?
  • Nobby
    They mentioned myvouchercodes three times in a short story. Surely that's enough.
  • Mike H.
    Isn't clamouring a method of bringing someone to the point of ejaculation, using a hairdryer a sink plug and a washing line?
  • Joe
    Sorry, but surely if it's a voucher site doing the research, they are more likely to question people who search for vouchers, rendering this statistic rubbish? I am 1 out of about 5 people I know who bothers looking for vouchers before buying anything. And I know a lot more than 7 people!
  • Mr G.
    Blightly? Not Blighty? Where's that, then?
  • Frankie F.
    Students interested in becoming a nurse assistant should get courses in dental/medical assisting, algebra, personal computer abilities, English, historical past, biology, nurse aide training, in addition to well being occupations/medical professions schooling.

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