Bitterwallet's Friday poll – does anyone pay full price at PizzaExpress?

pizzaexpressYesterday afternoon while going nowhere quickly on the train, I overheard a very enthusiastic woman talking on her mobile. She was discussing where she and the other person should meet for dinner. 'Well, I've got a 2-for-1 voucher for PizzaExpress, so maybe we should go there,' she told the no-doubt underwhelmed person at the other end of the conversation.

Earlier in the week, PizzaExpress saw opportunity in the strikes on the London Underground and a offered 50% off their menu. Their promotions litter the voucher websites and deal forums like HotUKDeals. And if you've ever been to PizzaExpress, you'll always see more than a couple of customers unfold a printed coupon when it comes to settling up.

No doubt discount culture is prevalent at the likes of PizzaExpress (Dominos is another example) because consumers feel more inclined to spend if we feel we're getting value for money, regardless of whether the initial price feels over-inflated to begin with. Of course it's usually only the food that is ever discounted; full price drinks are ludicrously profitable, although those high entry prices mean there's still plenty of margin in the meals.

So have we all bought into the discount culture? Does it continue to drive us back through the doors of PizzaExpress, regardless of whether we make a genuine saving on the experience we receive?

We thought we'd put the question to you, our avid readers. It's the topic of Bitterwallet's increasingly adhoc Friday poll - do you still pay full price for PizzaExpress? With so many promotions, discounts and vouchers tumbling over themselves, is it the sort of restaurant you'd never visit if paying full price was the only option?

Vote in the poll below, and speak your mind in the comments.


  • The B.
    Hmmm, I eat there and if I fancy it and there are no vouchers about then I'll pay full price, where's my selection?
  • Denny
    I extend the same thinking to their pizzas are available at supermarkets. I have never bought one at full price. I wait until they're on sale and buy them only then. I can't say I find them a particularly good deal when they're on sale, it's just that it's the only time they come into my expected price range.
  • Daniel Z.
    I f**king hate pizza express... 50% off domino's, pizza hut or papa john's is a guaranteed sale though!
  • Richard
    TESCO VOUCHERS!!!!!! f*ckin 'A' man :-)
  • Alexis
    I'm in the same boat as Bob.
  • MrRobin
    No. I won't eat there if I don't have a voucher. Reason? You feel like you've been ripped off if you're paying full price, because the 'norm' is to have a discount. That's the risk when you have promotions all the time. It's the same feeling for furniture, especially sofas, many food products such as jars of sauce, a lot of electronics (excluding Apple). Most of these places will make the margin up on pricey complimenting products e.g. a large beer at Pizza express is £6. A case for your laptop is £50 etc etc. Still, if it's a model that works for both parties, then great!
  • Bri
    Quite ironically, there are currently 0 vouchers for PizzaExpress on HotUKDeals ;)
  • Ducky
    Tob be honest, 50% off at Pizza Express is quite a good deal. If you can keep a close eye on how many drinks you have then you can get a fairly reasonable meal for a price not uncomparable with a lot of fast food chains. Me, I always get 2-for-1 at Pizza Express. I've got a Taste Card and it's paid for itself about 20/25 times over.
  • -]
    People eat that shit? LOL at "taste card". Ironically named, no?
  • sionide
    The same is true of sofas. Who buys sofas at their full price when you only have to wait a month or so and there'll be the next wave of DFS double discount savings?!
  • simon
    their drinks (wine/beer) have got so expensive now, we would rather eat out somwhere else for the same overall meal cost ... their offers are now SOMKE AND MIRRORS
  • Ofertas,Ofertas t.
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