Apple Watch: waiting times are cut

14 April 2015

Apple Watch We told you that there was some concern about the delivery times of Apple Watches, thanks to the huge amount of interest generated in them.

There was talk about people having to wait months and months before they could get the new device on their wrists, but it looks like everyone is in for a pleasant surprise. Or a horrible surprise if you work with a smug early Apple adopter and you hate them.

Apple are likely to ship the smartwatches much earlier than initial estimates. They announced long shipping estimates to be on the safe side and wanted people to avoid disappointment. However, the gadgets will be delivered in advance of those guesses, but they're not saying when. Apple, it seems, is hoping that fans will be happy with a surprise.

With everyone ordering them online, at least we're all spared of the depressing sight that is fully grown adults camping outside Apple shops for a week so they can get the latest device, first.

Either way, Apple have sold what can only be described "head meltingly loads" in pre-orders with many versions of the watch selling out already. Looks like the company are going to have to ramp up their production so they can meet the demand.

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