Sky offer free broadband for 12 months

13 July 2015

sky Sky are offering Sky Fibre broadband, which would cost you £10 a month usually, free for 12 months. Is there a catch? Course there is. However, if you were thinking about switching to Sky, then this is worth a gander.

This offer is extended to anyone who is switching to Sky Fibre when they take Sky line rental. Sky say that there is no obligation beyond the one-year contract. The line rental is £16.40 per month.

Of course, with this deal, there's a 25GB download limit to contend with too. That means you can stream around 4 or 5 films in HD and that's your lot. It might not be enough if you've got a family who are all using the internet all the time.

However, if you have basic needs for your internet usage, then this isn't a bad introductory deal and worth having a look at if you want to save a tenner a month.

That said, it is worth shopping around because, for just shy of £20 per month, there might be a host of other, more preferable contracts that will tickle your pickle.

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  • bill
    Mmmm pickle...
  • Han S.
    What's the point of having a download limit on Fibre? If you're happy with a 25GB download limit then you don't need Fibre
  • Dan B.
    Limited access contracts on home or mobile internet are laughable, imagine a TV that you could only watch for 3 hours a day?

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