Microsoft patent emotional spectacles

Are you a psychopath that can't register basic human emotions? Are you Sheldon from The Big Bang theory who can't understand members of the same species when they're upset?

Well, Microsoft might be able to help as they've patented some smartglasses that will help you detect and interpret the emotions of people you're looking at. While everyone else has empathy, you'll have special emotion specs.

The application for a "wearable emotion detection feedback system" was filed in 2012 and awarded this week in That America and says that the wearer will be able to decide who to analyse from the people in their field of vision, without their knowledge. You may know this as 'looking'.


One use for these could be in job interviews, where a future boss could look at you with these special glasses on and tell what you're feeling while being questioned. They're all in for a rude awakening when they find out that everyone can't be arsed about anything other than the money being offered.

Or maybe the police forces of the world will be into these, come interrogation time?

Basically, these glasses work by using cameras to pick up information from someone's face, as well as a microphone to analyse speech rhythms and the like. It will amass information and tell you about someone's state.

Part of the filing said that context would also be important: "For example, if a subject plays with her hair in a social situation, such as a date, this behaviour may indicate friendliness or interest. However, the same behaviour in a business situation may indicate boredom."

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