Twitter lock down accounts after breach

Twitter lock down accounts after breach

Even though Twitter had said that they'd not suffered from any kind of hack or security breach, they've locked a load of accounts, just to be on the safe side.

With millions of Twitter accounts having their private details sold online - 32 million in fact, being sold for 10 Bitcoin (£4,000) on the dark web - the social media company decided to cross-check the data in the breach with their own records.

Turns out there were a number of accounts at risk, so Twitter have put them on lockdown, and got in touch with the people who set them up, to change their passwords.

Again, Twitter reiterated that their site had not be hacked itself, but rather, the result of other hacks where people have used the same password as their Twitter accounts, and ended up with malware on their devices.

Michael Coates, who is the Twitter Trust and Information Security Officer, said: "Regardless of origin, we're acting swiftly to protect your Twitter account."

If your account has been affected, then you will have been contacted by email or text by Twitter, telling you to reset your password. The account is being protected until you reset the password.

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