Travel insurance to double in Spain (and there's taxes too)

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If you're going to Spain for your holidays this summer, it looks like you're going to have to pay double for your travel insurance. This is because of the cost of private hospitals in the popular holidaying country.

Not only that, there's going to be a travel tax too.

According to insurer, AllClear, Spain is one of the most costly places to fall ill, as patients are taken to private hospitals, rather than state care.

Worse still, is that those who would normally employ their EHIC card, they could find themselves in a situation where is doesn't apply in a private hospital.

The EHIC card is a scheme where you are entitled to free state healthcare in EU countries. If this is the first you've heard of it, you can apply for a card and get all the information you need about it, here.

In addition to that, travellers are being asked to pay up to £70 in tourism tax. This new fee comes into play for anyone who has a holiday booked there after July 1st - whether you've already booked it or not.

Basically, you will have to pay two extra euros to the hotel for each night you're staying there. This varies, depending on what rating your hotel has. So, if you're staying somewhere with a rating of 1*-3*, you'll be asked for €1 per day per person. A 4/5* hotel is going to cost €2.

This applies to the Balearic Islands too, so if you're thinking of booking holiday, you might want to choose another country, where you can get state healthcare, and won't have to pay extra for every night you are on holiday there.

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  • Coreen

    I would insist on being taken to a Spanish State Hospital and not a private hospital.  The Spanish come hert and use our NHS so why should we let them get away with taking us to a private hospital.

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