The Dyson airblade for your hair!

Dyson hairdryer

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is a posh thing to have, and if you're down the pub, a Dyson airblade is an absolute joy when drying your hands, compared to those rattly old metal things.

Well, Dyson have been looking at your hair, and have come up with a new hair-dryer.

The beauty gadget is called 'Supersonic', and basically, it is a wand with a fan on the top of it - so now hair-dryer that looks like a duck's head for you!

Dyson reckon that this is much easier to control, compared to the traditional hair-dryer.

That said, this is Dyson, which means it'll be pricier than the rest of the devices on the shelves. It'll launch initially in Asia, before coming to the UK, where it'll set you back somewhere in the region of £299.

"Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient and make a racket," said James Dyson, the company's founder. "By looking at them further we realised that they can also cause extreme heat damage to hair."

"I challenged Dyson engineers to really understand the science of hair and develop our version of a hair dryer, which we think solves these problems."

One thing that is good about this device - it doesn't look like something you could get your hair caught in.

Dyson say that the Supersonic will be much, much quieter as well, which is also cool, because the sound of a hair-dryer is really irritating when you're trying to watch telly. Apparently, it has been designed so that the actual tone of the motor is so high in pitch, that humans can't hear it (hence 'Supersonic').

Might send your dog crazy though.

If you're excited about this, or just curious about the engineering of it all, Dyson have a fancy page telling you all about it, here.


  • alexandrafaith

    That very much looks like an April Fool. And to be fair, at that retail price, it might as well be! Crikey....

  • alexandrafaith

    Looks just like an April Fool. And at the recommended price tag, it might as well be! Crikey...

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