You need a cash cow to get through the recession

Animals, eh? You can eat them, ride them, pet them, stroke them, blow raspberries on their belly and be arrested for sexing them in the face. Now they'll see you through a recession, too, especially if you're a paranoid Frenchman untrusting of the banking system.

At the moment, there are nearly 40,000 cows under contract in France at up to 1,000 farms. Investment in livestock will bring a 4 to 5 percent return a year after taxes, based on “natural growth” — the sale of their offspring, compared to an interest rate now of 0.75 per cent on the basic French bank account.

According to one farmer interviewed by the New York Times, a typical couple will buy 10 to 20 dairy cows for about £1,200 each and can decide to sell the offspring each year or keep them as additional capital. Obviously insurance is suggested; the last thing you want is foot-and-mouth running riot, and your investment burning on a pyre. At least you'll have something to feed the kids on if it all goes horribly wrong. Money - you can't take it with you, but it makes a decent steak sandwich.

[New York Times]


  • Lumoruk
    You forget any money you hold abroad is still liable to tax by the British Government and also you have to pay a monthly fee in France for an account.
  • MinstrelMan
    can i buy a shit load of cows and move them to monte carlo...... tax free meat?
  • Investments
    Cash cow from the good old Boston Matrix!

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