Woof! Britain gets a new bark, erm, bank!

6 March 2010

The-new-Metro-Bank-openin-001 Game on! The banking revolution promised by Metro Bank is HAPPENING after they finally received their licence from the Financial Services Authority.

Co-founder Vernon Hill has already promised extended opening hours and a 15-minute no-fuss account-opening procedure – and now they’re planning to take care of your dog as well!

Metro Bank chairman Anthony Thomson says: “With the FSA authorisation of Metro Bank we are entering a new era of banking, one where we go back to a more traditional banking model where customer service is key and there is deposit based lending. We believe that by providing unparalleled service and convenience, Metro Bank will stand out from other High Street banks.”

Then, as a contradiction to the ‘traditional banking model’ which Thomson speaks of, the bank adds: “A friendly welcome to dogs and their owners, with water bowls and dog biscuits on hand for man's best friend - dogs rule at Metro Bank!"

If you like their style, the good news is that Metro are aiming to have 200 branches by 2020 – the bad news is that they’ll all be in Greater London… and possibly managed by Great Danes.


  • andyofyarm
    In other words a load of bullshit from another chancer.
  • Abbey B.
    They Will lose a lot of customers, i hate dogs
  • Bill B.
    Has anyone noticed the "ETRO" in their logo (www.metrobankonline.co.uk) is the same as the METRO newspaper?
  • tits
    ^^^ lol are you joking?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Will you get extra interest if the dog does a poop in the bank branch?

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