Who tops the Superbrands list?

The computer that decides the most super of brands
The computer that decides the most super of brands

Once again, we're looking at the brands and deciding which is the most super.

Topping the pile for a third year running, is British Airways, seeing off the competition from the likes of Jaguar, M&S, and Heinz.

In 2016, Rolex nabbed the second placing, followed by Lego and Dyson. So where is Apple? Well, they've been markedly less super lately, and they only managed to get to seventh place. Still, not all bad news for them, as they were ahead of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who managed 16th, 19th and 20th respectively.

Stephen Cheliotis, chief executive of survey authors The Centre for Brand Analysis says: "The rejection of the new for trusted, traditional brands continues to defy expectation that some challengers, such as technology enabled or social-based brands, would break through."

"In fact the reverse is true, with conservatism evident among the British public after years of crisis. Although change may be accelerating in many markets, changes in perception are much slower to come through. Consumers are continuing to seek out familiar brands with which they have an emotional connection."

Consumer Superbrands 2016

1. British Airways
2. Rolex
4. Dyson
5. Gillette
6. Mercedes-Benz
7. Apple
8. Jaguar
9. Kellogg’s
10. Andrex
11. Nike
12. Heinz
13. Coca-Cola
14. John Lewis
15. Häagen-Dazs
16. Google
17. Virgin Atlantic
18. Marks & Spencer
19. Amazon.co.uk
20. Microsoft


  • Mike
    BRANDS! I love BRANDS! Let's have some super funny brand banter about this please!
  • Bonobo
    About a month ago, CNN had a list of the world's 20(?) best airlines. British Airways were nowhere to be seen.
  • Loribeth Q.
    Is this an old list, or a BRAND new one? Tee hee!

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