What Sony's VAT cashback promotion gives with one hand...

Come on everybody, let's give a big ol' cheer for Sony! HOORAY!

Bitterwallet - SONY VAT offer cashback

Yes! Visit your local Sony Centre and add some extra sparkle this Christmas, by claiming the VAT back on a wide range of technology from Sony! And it's not just Sony - other high street stores including John Lewis and Argos are also part of this cashback-style offer! Merry Christmas everybo-

Yesterday John Lewis were selling:

37EX403U @£450 (£382 when including VAT back)
40EX403U @ £480 (£408 when including VAT back)

However today the prices have rocketed to:

37EX403U @ £522 (£444 when including VAT back)
40EX403U @ £584 (£497 when including VAT back)

Oh. According to the guys and dolls on Hot UK Deals, and folks over on MSE (and here, too), the prices of several Sony products have been increased to offset the promotion, meaning the VAT cashback offer isn't anywhere near the deal the shiny marketing would have you believe. Merry Christmas.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Mark


  • br04dyz
    Not entirely Sony's fault (on the face of it at least)...but agree, not as awesome a deal as they hoped.
  • Martin B.
    I agree, nothing to do with Sony. Richer Sounds have also but their prices up by the exact amount of VAT.
  • Muttley D.
    what a bunch of utter cunts
  • Will G.
    I concur with Muttley.
  • Paul S.
    It seems the cashback is paid direct by Sony, rather than the retailers: http://www.sony.co.uk/hub/1237479537389
  • Norris M.
    Unfortunately it's common practice these days. B&Q's much-heralded (by them, anyway) 15% off event this weekend coincided with the cunning removal of most of their sale items from their website, including the majority of their reduced Bosch ovens. Perhaps guerilla sites such as these will persuade these marketeer tosspots that their nocturnal activities are being noticed....
  • Conman
    Fucking rip off merchant's, Their should be a law against it. They should always state the cheapest price the item as ever been, Or at least something along the line of "This item was available at a lower price - Aug 14th 2010 - August 21st 2010" Same with petrol prices, When oil price goes up, Petrol price goes up straight away, yet when they decrease we hardly see any reduction's.
  • Ronnie S.
    it's onry a coincidence prease keep buying vely good terevision set prease.
  • james d.
    When will companies realise you cannot get away with this sort of thing any more. This is one thing I really give Argos credit for, they always say if an item has previously been available at a lower price.
  • speedy
    There is a law against this :o As long as the price is advertised in any store in the UK for a certain amount of time then it's legal. Tesco know this well ;D
  • gleemeface
    It's not VAT back. Thety will only refuund about 15.% back of the orginal price. Last i heared the VAT bastards was at 17.thingy%
  • RetailDetail
    Shit Object Now Yours
  • Zleet
    What genius at Sony thought people wouldn't notice? If bitterwallet ever do an end of year 'Golden Junk Punch' award for years most underhanded consumer hit to the balls then this would surely be in the running.
  • whatagonad
    Don't be a plum and buy a Sony telly in the first place. Get a Panasonic.
  • Bugsy
    Gleemeface, they ARE repaying 17.5%. Work it out. £17.50 as a proportion of £117.50 is 14.89% but the VAT on £100 is £17.50. You are getting back £17.50, exactly the VAT paid.
  • tom
    yes probably true..you had to pick your deal...the sony nex 5 from best buy for 349.00 with vat cashback and 10 quidco was wicked...i went for it...companies that do it are obvious and hence they did get my business..
  • Gary
    This is a total rip off... we bought a Sony Viao because of the fact that they were doing this VAT back offer, and today have received a letter saying the particular Viao we bought was not part of the offer!!! It was advertised as being part of the offer at the time...
  • tom
    @Gary - well SONY just decided not to pay out to me - bought bravia Tv in john lewis 13 December 2010 posted all paperwork off 14th December i get the letter 26th February saying sorry your claim outside the offer end date 31st january 2011 sony rep tells me they received application 2nd Feb and wasn't coincidence being just 2 days after closure as they dealt with applications daily - when i pointed out it took to 17th Feb to print the dated letter and send out...no reply other than her manager agreed not there problem royal mail took 6 weeks to deliver the mail!! I have asked BBC watchdog if they have any other out of date letter owners I of course having being a life long owner of sony products, will never buy them again and this is to confirm that fact I have been stung for £61,31 pence ....never be tempted by these offers unless you want to spend extra money on special delivery every time
  • Sony B.
    [...] Sony in November. Just in case you don’t, the gist of it was that Sony (and retailers) would give cashback to customers who bought particular Sony products – an amount equivalent to the VAT [...]

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