We’re running out of Brazilian money…

football goalThe football World Cup kicks off (pun intended) in a couple of weeks, and boffins have already calculated how many £billion we are going to spend this month on booze, new tellies, plastic flags and tissues, which will rise even higher should England actually do well in the competition. Not that they will, of course, it not being 1966. Again. However, it seems that so many of us are actually using the World Cup as an excuse to go and learn to Samba in Brazil, that we are actually running out of Brazilian money to go with.

The Post Office foreign currency division is reporting a 400% increase in demand this week on the same period last year, and they are struggling to get Brazilian Real to all branches where it’s needed. Travelex are also describing the demand as “unprecedented” and report a 1050% increase in demand which has resulted in “temporary shortages” at the Manchester airport and Heathrow branches.

However, given that the World Cup wasn’t on last year, are such surges in demand really so surprising- a mere 400% increase actually seems quite low given the number of people expected to travel to Brazil from the UK this year, who would not have done so otherwise.

Many of the currency providers who normally stock Real are reporting pressure to meet demand, so if you are off to Rio and haven’t yet converted your cash, you might want to get moving. If you do have problems, travel experts advise taking US dollars, which are widely accepted. However, if you plan to wing it on plastic beware- Elvin Eldić, head of UK retail at Travelex advises that many outlets will only accept locally-issued debit and credit cards, and the daily limit for cash withdrawals by foreigners on a card is 300 Real. That’s about £80.

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    And Sam has gone all Brazilian too by just being Thewlis. Just like Pele

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