Water bills to go down?

4 November 2013

tapwaterThe Prime Minister is desperate to cut the cost of living hence why MPs don’t have to pay their own energy bills on their second homes. But he is apparently also keen to help out the ordinary man in the street with his bills- the street being where you could end up, the rate bills are currently rising. However, tackling the energy giants seems a bit difficult for Dave, not least because the Government have just got into bed with one of the giants (EDF) but also because Ed kind of got there first.

Now Dave has seized the initiative from his competitor’s jaws. When Ed Miliband mentioned that he thought all markets should be investigated for efficiency, including water bills- “the water industry is something that should be scrutinised to make sure it is working properly for the ­benefit of consumers because I know concerns have been raised”, Dave spotted an easier target and has waded in before Ed can make another crowd-pleasing election pledge.

Now, Dave has decided that water is the best way to impact on household bills. Defra have already announced a £50 rebate for households living in the South West (because they pay more for beaches or something) and the new announcement of impending news is likely to benefit households in the rest of England. Which will serve those self-governing Welsh and Scots right, even assuming they actually wash or drink water*.

The actual announcement is sorely lacking in detail at the moment, but still serves to make sure Dave gets in there before Ed. “The Prime Minister wants to see household costs coming down. There will be some progress next week on water bills,” said a Downing Street spokesman, adding "The Prime Minister wants regulators to make sure they are robust and delivering what they need to deliver for customers.”

Whether this is just political posturing ahead of the election (which is still over a year away) or not, anything that brings bills down, even if it is one of the smaller ones, is bound to be welcomed- assuming we aren’t paying for the reduction elsewhere. Who knows, perhaps we could all dream of lower energy bills too…


* This is a joke. I love both Scotland and Wales. Less keen on some parts of England.

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  • Gasglow
    That's okay, Wales and Scotland basically re-nationalised their water while England wasn't looking. Shh. Don't tell.
  • Tim
    Water? So the one utility that doesn't actually cost that much, can't be cut off, and isn't enough of a problem that it's stopping pensioners from having a bath?
  • Mike O.
    @Tim: Thats what I thought exactly. Its a drop in the ocean

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