Wages: Still favouring men, unsurprisingly

wages According to the Office for National Statistics, Men are rogues and all is still unfair in the wages war.

The report claims that Men apparently don't reach the height of their salary until they are 50. As for women, they reach their height at 34, which is right there, not really very good news.

Combining the results for both sexes produced a hypothetical highest average wage age of 38 last year, according to an Office for National Statistics report.  The average overall income was £13.93 per hour.

Comparing and contrasting that with what it was like nearly 40 years ago, the highest average earnings for a female was 29, but they were paid the equivalent of £7.09 per hour.

A bright, thoughtful type has helpfully pointed out that it reflects the fact that many women work part-time after having kids, and so the gender gap reflects that.

For workers of almost every age, average real earnings were higher in 2009 than last year, the ONS says. We can look down and laugh at the hoodlums in their twenties as they only learned 12% less.

Good looking and thin they might be, but older people can afford hitmen to take them out. Like we said - this is a wage WAR.

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