The iPad Mini is coming - see what dead Darth Jobs would make of it...

23 October 2012

The iPad Mini is about to be released, and we're bored with it before we've even seen one. So here's the Taiwanese NMA take on it all, with Star Wars references and that...

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  • Troll
    Just wait, They'll "release" an iPad Micro (or Nano, keeping with existing product names) next and it'll just be the iPod Touch rebranded......
  • Mustapha S.
    I wish people would stop all this Apple bashing/jealousy. The new iPad is gorgeous, I watched the live announcement and started crying into my mocha out of sheer joy. It made me incredibly happy knowing that Sir Steve Jobs was looking down knowing all is well. I bet God herself uses an iPad too! I'm also proud of the contribution Apple makes to the local economy, in particular giving young people a chance of a lifetime to work for such an innovative company. They should be grateful of their position at Foxconn. In this country we give children paper rounds on awful wages, why can't the Chinese employ young adults in comparatively highly paid positions at highly skilled work and the kudos that comes with working for a company as magnificent as Apple?

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