The Credit Crunch Hall Of Blame

This one passed us by earlier in the week, but Guardian’s City Editor Julia Finch has put together the ultimate credit crunch countdown – the 25 people we should be pointing the finger at for getting us all in this horrific mess.

There’s plenty of the names you’d expect in there – Alan Greenspan, George W Bush, Gordon Brown, but a few others that are somewhat more surprising. Step forward and be scolded Woody Allen, Fatboy Slim and Inch High Private High.

Think we’re kidding? You’ll have to read the whole list to find out…


  • Touche T.
    Grape Ape, Grape Ape.
  • Fred C.
    Some people asked why Tony Blair was not on his list. Well , he is a Prime Minister and a politician, he is a tiny chap in his ability and influence compared with those big names on that list. I mean collectively these blokes controls trillions of dollars which is way beyond Tony Blairs capability , the same applies to Gordon Brown, he should not on that list as the financial power is way beyond the capability of the UK Government. the order of the problem is in trillions whearas a UK government has quite a task just to control a few billions.

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