The Black Horse will trample your complaints under its iron hoof


Are you a Lloyds TSB Black Horse Finance customer who has found reason to complain to the company at some point in the past? You are? Didn't go well did it? We know that for a fact now, because it's been shown that their the Horse is the top dog when it comes to wrongly dismissing complaints by customers.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has released the figures that show the percentages of rejected complaints that are later referred to them and found to be valid. So in a nutshell, it's a financial services customer service shit list. Here are the real scumbags (the industry average is 59%)

Black Horse (Lloyds TSB): 95% 93%
Lloyds TSB Insurance Services: 92%
Capital One Bank (Europe): 91%
Egg Banking: 88%
CitiFinancial Europe: 85%
Firstplus Financial Group: 85%
Shop Direct Financial Services: 82%
Welcome Financial Services: 80%
Tesco Personal Finance: 78%
Santander Cards UK: 78%
Northern Rock: 78%
Ulster Bank: 76%
The Co-operative Bank: 72%
Royal Bank of Scotland: 71%
Nemo Personal Finance: 71%

(figures represent percentage of complaints that where resolved in favour of the consumer when examined by the Ombudsman.)

The full report is here. If you're wondering who the nice guys are, that'll be Zurich Advice Network and Mandrake Associates (11%). Bless.


  • C
    So 95% of complaints Black Horse told to bugger offwere later upheld by the FOS?!?! And that doesn't take into account those who are intelligent or bloody minded enough to complaint that far. EVERY complaint on record at Black Horse - rejected or not should now be re-investigated along with massive fines and sackings for whoever at BH dreamt up this policy.
  • Simon S.
    My experience so far is Lloyds TSB insurance services just ignore you. I started a complaint in March. April I had a letter saying they would take four weeks to look into it. May they said they were close to finding all the information and would "be in touch very soon" and since then nothing at all. I wrote in August saying you have 14 days or I will go to the Ombudsman and nothing. So I have now referred it to the Ombudsman ( who incidentally has replied to say they are very busy and I'm not surprised with this level of service from Lloyds ).
  • MickeyB
    Good to see that Littlewoods & Co are up there (Shop Direct Financial Services). Dicks. Infact, if you look at the data you'll see them twice: Shop Direct Financial Services Ltd: 82% Shop Direct Finance Company Limited: 73% Good times.
  • Mike U.
    Next time send the complaint an put a little flour in the envelope, see how fast they respond to that!!!
  • Quick S.
    [...] you a Lloyds TSB Black Horse Finance customer who has found reason to complain to the company at some point in the past? You are? Didn’t go well did. [...]
  • BlackHorse L.
    [...] The Black Horse will trample your complaints under its iron hoof … [...]
  • Sam
    This isn't strictly true as the reports that have been provided are what The FOS charged their adjuication fee on - not what they upheld.
  • colin
    My father had car repayment insurance and sadly he passed away in April and they have refused to pay up leaving my mother with a big debt and the reason they didnt pay up was because my father was over 70 but ware happy to take his money even though he was over 70 when he took the policy out . Please do not touch their financial products as they are scum
  • Terry W.
    I can agree with anyone with complains about Black Horse as they refuse to accept that someone stole a vehicle from and then allowed a thrird party purchaser to be given title to the vehicle. This was even after they were informed of the theft and before it was sold. They are now chasing me to pay for the vehicle. I have reported them to the financial ombudsmen and should I get No satisfaction through them will be going to BBCs Watchdog and the national press reagrding the way I have been treated by them.
  • Michael
    I knew i was going to have problems after reading this site and sure enough i have with black horse, after free consultations with a family friend solicitor i have now turned to the FA for assistance with mis sold PPI on a loan.Im just at the beginning of my struggle with this company but from what i have read on a number of sites my complaint may take a long while to resolve even though i have a very strong case. Certainly i will do my best to dissuade any body from dealing with them after my treatment so far.....Under no circumstances have any thing to to with them.. YOU DEAL WITH THEM AT YOUR PERIL!!.
  • Michael
    Whoops should have said financial ombudsman not(FA) they can be reached on 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 0234 567. I found them very helpfull.
  • A W.
    the staff at blackhorse treat all there customers like dirt and they are the biggest liars that ever walked and i would state that in front of the biggest court in the land they promised to call me backk on 29 occasion and i am still waiting . david cameron PM should be proud that the tax payers money went to this lot of scum
  • B D.
    I have won one complainrt against Black Horse and mis selling of PPI and I have other complaints against Black Horse currently with the FOS, however I have not heard from FOS for over a year now even though I write to them regularly asking if there has been any progress. I have been on the internet reading others experiences with Black Horse and I can not help but wonder why, with the number and nature of complaints against them, the Office of Fair Trading continue to allow Black Horse to conduct what it calls bussiness. How can it be Fair Trading to allow a large organisation to continue to profit from the financial misery of others, a misery exasperated (if not created) by the selling techniques of it's unscrupuluos staff. Do they get a bonus for how much money they can persuade people to borrow?
  • Christne H.
    I am at my wits end after getting a secured laon with Black Horse. I told the woman I wanted a small secured loan for my daughters wedding in Cyprus and she told me that I would have to consolodate other debts for them to do it. I told her I could only afford £200 a Month but they payment ended up as £350 and now I am behind with the repayments and dont know what to do. I sthere anyone else with a similar problem I am really scared I will lose the house.
  • hazel h.
    We had a loan from black horse in 2007 ,we are now claiming mis sold ppi , they have admitted it was mis sold and want to refund all payments we made. Haha what a joke this started in may 2011 ,my calculions are they ow us over £7000 ,when i first spoke to them in may they said it would be resolved by the 31st august 2011.they have sent a letter out on the 31st august asking us 2 sign an return oh but no mention of ow much will be paid haha .I rang them up on the 31st august asking ow much the refund will be they said cant give that information out on phone we will send you a letter within the next 5 days that was 2 weeks ago still no letter.I advise anybody not to take there business to black horse as they are full of bull ---- an tell more lies than billy lier himself.
  • SIR D.
  • andrea d.
    my daughter has just had money taken from her account by black horse without them telling her. They said that they ad her details so just went ahead and set up a direct debit. Surely thi is illegal. This left her struggling as she is on a tight budget. They wouldn't give her the money back. This was for a car that my daughter got them to take away when she split up with her partner 2-3 years ago and was told that when the car was sold the money would be offset against what was owed. She has never heard anything until now!!!!
  • Susan G.
    Try getting a breakdown of PPI charges. I have been an excellent customer for years and found I did not /or need PPI. I must have had five loans in fifteen years. I got a pittance back and they say they rolled each one on to the other..seems a bit backhanded to me. For each loan a new policy was set up. They are rude on the phone, hang up or say they will send a breakdown which never turns up. They have tried to cancel a current policy on which I am claiming because I am too ill to work again. I truly believe they are robbing me.
  • rosie
    these bunch of lying scum are the worse they took out an illegal charge out on a property I did not own lied in court to get this using a baby barrister from a different firm (pass th4e buck) refuse to send out data I requested stating that I was not allowed my own telephone transcripts, even though I won my ppi case and had opened a complaint wrote off the debt in january then when I opened the complaint 6 months later sold the written off debt to a scumbag company even the managing director lies and passes the buck, see you in court blackhorse you are going down
  • Infiniteplayer
    I would strongly advice everyone to avoid Black Horse Finance as they are loan sharks posing as a bank. If you are unfortunate to hit bad times through unemployment and/or bad health, this company is relentless and ruthless in their pursuit for repayments. They will phone you several times a day go back on agreements made over the phone. Send letters of agreements out that differ from what was said on the phone and go back on their word. I was advice that I could pay £5 a month that was affordable out of my current 67.50 a month income and when I went to make the payment, their on line payment set up will only take a minimum of 20.00. There was not mention of this on the phone, when phoning back the next day I was given the bad cop routine and told I had broken the agreement. This company STINKS and is about as CORRUPT as a bank could get! I have already paid twice the amount that I loaned in interest and this company knows full well that I am disabled and unemployed.
  • Steve H.
    I contacted them resolve an issue they asked me for certain documents. Which I got to them! They said I would have an answer either way today - so I rang. and I got "Who are you, Sorry we have no record of you!" Funny as Friday they thanked me for the documents. AVOID AVOID AVOID
  • Eddie J.
    If you had a loan with Black Horse then the Annual statement they should have sent you is wrong. You can claim all interest back
  • bill b.
    did you know they have sold all loans to a third party who are probably debt colectors they are caled skye loans ltd been going for only a year if that more hassle ahead for everyone
  • peter d.
    Would not buy a car from these guys they are just a rip of selling high milage over price car and the stander of these cars are not that good any one looking to buy a car of them should spend a lot of time looking around the car not just look at what reg it is
  • Hate H.
    I am trying to find out how many people have not had an annual statement from Black Horse or if their statement does not comply with current regulations (missing information)

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