The 20p coin that could bag you a cool £50

Quick everyone! Turn out your pockets! If you've got a 20p coin that has no date on either the front or back, you could be quids-in to the tune of £50.

The coins in question are the new design 20p pieces that were introduced last year with the date stamped on the heads side instead of the tails side. A rogue run of between 50,000 and 200,000 of them were minted with the old-style front and new-style back, meaning that they were dateless.

Now The London Mint Company, a private rare coin-dealing company, is offering anyone who finds one £50, in the hope of selling them on to collectors for an even higher price. Which is what any good poker player would call 'showing your hand far too soon, like a complete and utter tit end.'

So if you find one of these quirky coins, come and see us first – there's every chance we'll give you £51 for it, before we try and make a considerably higher sum from flogging it on eBay.


  • Sean
    Wow! I had 3 of those coins in a money bank of sorts a while back - I unluckily traded my coins in for notes a couple of weeks back...
  • acecatcher3
    u check all of ur 20p coins regularly then sean?
  • SimbaK2K
    Ha I just so happend to stumble across one in my wallet, must of got it at the weekend. Going on ebay tonight, current selling prices are £100+.
  • DAX
    Fab!!! Jus found four!!! does anyone know where i can flog them?
  • Bob
    I just found 300,000 of these in my wallet. Dunno how they got there. Will be selling them on ebay tonight.
  • Carlos J.
    *Shock* Just found a tenner in my wallet while hunting for 20p's, off to tesco's for a spot of vodka to help the surgery list go faster this afternoon.
  • John S.
    These are going for £180+ on eBay, so don't be too quick to sell for £50 if you find one.
  • Luke
    What would you get for the ones with the date only on the heads side? and not the tails .. ?
  • P E.
    20p Luke
  • Luke
    There worth absouloutly nothin even if the date is on the head side ? and not tails..
  • LUKE R.
  • LUKE R.
    i want i are the banks still unknowinglyu issuing them?
  • stefor
    There not daft offering £50 for these coins. In time and in good condition one of these coins will be worth hundreds. They are not letting on exactly how many were minted, so could be VERY RARE!! @DAX: The chance of you finding 4 just like that is pretty slim don't you think!!
  • LUKE R.
    ebay prices £150+ \\\\credit crunch WHAT IS THAT?
  • vinylandtrinkets
    have a look at how much these are selling for on ebay £190.00 + im gonna raid my sons piggy bank!..LOL
  • david
    if there is a date on the tails side but not on the heads side can you get £50 or will you not get anything cuz ive got three and i dont really get it
  • lorraine
    i just had a look in my wisky bottle,but unfortunatly my kids have been pinching the silver and have only left the pennies,,gutted,
  • lorraine
    i just seen on ebay one going for over £1000 so far,im watching it...and one with the date on the head side went for £26 mugs or what??
  • Chocodave
    /sigh... just to clear this up for anyone who seems unable to grasp this: - The OLD style coins have the date on the tails side... The NEW style coins have the date on the heads side. These are worth 0.20 GBP (yes... thats a whole 20p) - The rare coins have NO date on them at all... they have the new design for tails, but the old design for the heads side... its only these that are worth a lot more (unless you lie on eBay :P )
  • pauski
    The HRH Omen - ummmm
  • Luke
    If anyones got one without a date send me an e-mail i'd buy it off you for 60 quid looks like a good investment to me.. rt45 (at)
    • motocross58

      Ive got rare 20p no date plus not 2008 coin as has ensignia on back not 2008 version. Whats it worth.


  • Lawrence C.
    These mule errors have been know about since December 2008 at least. It is only in the last few days that the world's media have given it hundreds of column inches, and hours of airtime. This appears to be following a press release by the so-called London Mint Office (no connection with The Royal Mint). Although we don't have a high opinion of the LMO or their MO, we have have to admire this brilliant piece of media manipulation. We have now published a page with factual information about these error coins, and comments on the press reporting, together with another page taking a lighter look at the infectious aspect of getting £50 for 20p. These two page will be followed shortly by a price analysis and forecast page about these coins.
  • phil
    i have 1 of the 20p coin no date on booth sides any i want to buy it contack me [email protected]
  • shernay
    i hade a coin but it has got a date on it is it one of them ??? im sort of confused
  • lady p.
    i bet they would b worth thousands or even millions in the future,the governent just wants ur money people!! nyway i found one with no date on eathr side....but im keeping it just incase they are worth even more in the future .. if they arnt then 'Oh well'..
  • suesue
    i have 4 20p coins wiht no date on the back but date on the front 2008 are the worth anyhting raided me silver jar lol
  • The R.
    Don't be fooled into helping our government unwittingly- CARRY ON - ONLY if you believe in our current dictatorship! These are probably coins minted by a criminal society and are trying to be located so the point of origin can also be located! I'm not an anarchist but believe you should all know and understand the possible facts (IF MY OPINIONS ARE TRUE) just imagine that one of these gangsters found out that by your own revalations it was YOU that had enabled the authorities to locate them- what would be the penalty YOU recieved? I may be full of crap but then again- What kind of government allows someone that adheres to the law and gets thrown off his job for doing so- LOVE THE MONARCHY BUT HATE OUR CRAP GOVERNMENT!
  • anisa y.
    hello i just had a 20p coin which has no date at the back but does at the front, is this also worth 51 pounds and if yes how do i claim it if i send the coin to you.
  • Simon
    LOL If you see a date appears on either side of the 20p coin whether head or tail then it is only worth 20p. Those 20p coins have no dates on them whatsoever front or back are worth more than £50. It went for £7100 on ebay last week!
  • rob
    A Picture of the back side of the coin would be useful alot of people on ebay are trying to con a lot of people,
  • nobby
    i have a 20p coin with a crow on one side and a goldfish on the other side, the crow is holding a sign in its beak , it says 2008, the goldfish has nothing,just a cheesy grin ,is this worth anything?
  • TrickyKid81
    i have one that has no dates on either side. The tail side just has a picture of a clown stabbing a monkey and the head side has a picture of beer mat stapled to a tree.....
  • dave
    hello i just had a 20p coin which has no date at the back but does at the front, is this also worth 50 pounds and if yes how do i claim it if i send the coin to you.
  • ammar
    i have a 20p coin the new 2008 20p bu it got the date on the front and nothing on the back exipt half a pic and da onther half is nothing ,does that worth anything ? thanks
  • Terry F.
    I have a £50 note with 2006 on it. Anybody want to offer me 20p for it?
  • Moses
    I've just found one 20p without the date on either today, how do I sell it. And how much do u think they're worth now, cos there seems to many going on ebay. I've just checked. Anyone interested can contact me on [email protected]
  • jenny
    I found one of these when I went to Hollister because the lady didnt have any pound coins so she had to give me it all in 20p's and I looked through them straight away and I found it I litrually screamed
  • Lilzter
    OMG! I just found a 5p that had a monkey on it! It was dated 2006 on the heads bit! but on the tails side it is just a monkey and it says five pence!
  • gary
    i have a coin with the tail side the same as the picture. is that just the new design for the 20p as mine has 2008 on the head side but is the same as the picture on the tail side
  • Luise B.
    I have just discovered a 20p coin, still quite shiny which drew my attention to it. It has a different motive on the back and tghen I remembered that the Royal Mint made a blunder of one issue by omitting to date it. Mine is dated - on the front - is it worth anything, and if som how much and how do I go about finding a trustworthy buyer? Thank you for your information Luise Butcher
  • Luise B.
    I have a 20p coin, which has the date of 2008 on the head side. Is it worth anything and if so, how can I find a trustworthy nuyer for it? Regards Luise Butcher
  • Ten B.
    [...] 8: The 20p coin that could bag you a cool £50 [...]
  • andy g.
    i have had one of these for just over a year now gettin sick of keepin hold of it any one comes to me with 60 quid its urs all urs send me a msg if ne1 interested [email protected]
  • When C.
    [...] example is the undated 20p coin which was regularly fetching £50 when discovered in 2009 but these are now even rarer and could [...]
  • motocross58

    im going to top you all its 2016 and i just got undated 20p but its not 2008 version as it has flower on back..ha

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