Sugar and spice, fats and salt

That, it seems, is what our little girls and indeed boys are made of. This is mostly thanks to the fact that for many ignorant years, we have been feeding it to them in the form of branded goods that have become by-words in the world of baby and toddler nutritional food.

So when Cow & Gate and Heinz products come under the scrutiny of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after an investigation by the Children's Food Campaign (CFC), global panic ensures. Especially on Twitter, where it's taking over the Swine flu rubbish.

Of the 107 products that were examined by the FSA, more than 50 were found to contain high levels of trans-fats, salt and sugar. Heinz's famous Farley's Original Rusks were found to contain more sugar per 100g than a McVities dark chocolate digestive biscuit. Farley's 'Toddlers Own' mini cheese biscuits contained more saturated fat per 100g than a MacDonald's quarter pounder with cheese, making it one happy meal.

Christine Haigh from the Children's food Campaign said, "In terms of sugar and saturated fat content some are worse than junk food".

A spokesman for Heinz described the report as misleading, because the findings were based on a per 100g basis. According to Heinz, while such products in small portions may be higher in fats and sugars in percentage terms, the overall product contained a relatively small amount.

Heinz were also keen to point out that they produce a range of reduced sugar rusks that contain 30% less sugar. The CFC also found that one in nine Cow & Gate products contained high levels of sugar, and its Baby Balance Bear Biscuits were high in trans fats- a detail not pointed out on the label.

Cow & Gate has withdrawn these biscuits from sale and, in their defense wanted to remind the public that 90% of their products contain only naturally occurring sugars.



  • Amanda H.
    BW, you seem quite interested in the stuff we yank down our throats. Tell me, have you ever heard of a practise called "forward dating"? (Its nothing to do with yankee doodle either).
  • Quelle S.
    Is it really a surprise that packaged, processed foods are shit? Feed your kids proper meals and stop being scum. Funny how the middle-classes look down on pretty much everyone else yet they will still feed their own children absolute junk like some "council estate pikey",
  • IP F.
    I haven't heard of "forward dating" either Amanda. Are you going to be so kind as to give us all a definition?
  • Mike H.
    Fuck me world, have you only just woken up or something? Surely you didn't think baby food was good for babies did you? I bet you also think that low-fat foods are really good for you too? Just because a company tells you good for you doesn't mean it is. They couldn't care less about you, they want to make the biggest proffit they can, that means making it cheap that means stuffing it full of shit like salt and sugar.
  • Amanda H.
    Well, having worked in a crappy ham factory (which supplies all the major supermarkets, caterers & mcdonalds etc) for several years you learn a few dodgy practises, which have nothing to do with immigrant workers spitting on foods or farting on pizzas. Basically, if a factory has run out of work for that day (which is constantly), they then take on the next days orders, sometimes two/three days, even next weeks orders. Only they will lie, and put the best before date on the packet for the day the product was supposed to be made. This is known by the supervisors, shift managers, QA & managers. So the product just sits there for a few extra days. Another little trick the managers used to do. If we ever ran short of chicken, the gits would tell us to use turkey instead. Whether Tesco cares or not is up to them.
  • Amanda H.
    Oh, I must not forget "reworks". That little beauty, after making a product, you'll have scraps left over, rejects and extra packets that aren't needed as the order is complete. These all get blended up and remade into the next batch of product, and so on and so on, for that extra finger lickin taste. A bit like gathering up a bag full of crumbs and using them to make a new loaf of bread. Every little helps!
  • ball s.
    well im not dead yet so i'll keep on eating the crap
  • Frankie A.
    "I'm not dead yet" is the worst excuse for apathy ever. Anne Frank wasn't dead the years she spent in hiding. I bet she should be glad of that...

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