Staying in is the new going out, say ONS

cafe tea coffee The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have been looking at what everyone spends their money on, so they can measure the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation.

Turns out that everyone likes staying in, more than going out, as we're all throwing our money at Nespresso coffee pods and bottles of Baileys, rather than going dancing in darkened rooms with a load of people.

While everyone's getting hopped-up on their sofas, the ONS have removed nightclub entry fees from the list, which happens to coincide with the amount of nightclubs that are closing in Britain in recent years.

Philip Gooding, CPI statistican at the ONS, said: "With the number of nightclubs charging entry declining, we can no longer justify keeping these fees in the basket."

Of course, with more people streaming their entertainment, CD ROMs rewritable DVDs have been taken off the list, while antivirus programmes and other computer software getting added in their place. Buffet food is also on the menu, with microwaveable rice pouches and multipacks of meaty snacks getting the nod.

So there you have it. Going out is not as attractive as it used to be, because everyone would rather drink George Clooney's coffee and eat bits of cooked-meat while watching Netflix at home.

The ONS reviews their inflation basket each year, so they can more accurately reflect the cost of living faced by households. Fourteen items were removed from the list, which comprises 704 goods and services, and fifteen were added.

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